The power under the Constitution will always be in the people.

– George Washington

Mad as hell? You don’t have to take it anymore!

Get ready to lock, load and learn how “We the People” can take back our wealth, our power and our liberty from a government gone wild.

TIRED OF TYRANNY masquerading as compassion, envy disguised as justice, indoctrination subbing for education, theft excused as fairness, destruction gussied up as progress?

Watching the evening news, do you feel like Alice teaing with the Madhatter?
Does it make you sick seeing the cancer that’s eating away our freedoms portrayed not as the disease, but as the cure?


• Don’t recognize your country?
• Don’t know what to do?
• Don’t despair!

Screaming at your T.V. or cussing at the radio isn’t going to fix anything. But you already know that. Take heart, there are millions just as frustrated, who are ready and willing to do something, anything to help. But what? That’s the 20-trillion-dollar question, isn’t it? For sure, the federal colossus we’re facing ain’t goin’ nowhere if we continue in our attempts to bring it down brick by brick. We the People are gonna have to blow the whole thing up! How?

Buckle up, folks, you’re about to find out. You’re just a few short pages away from not only knowing what to do, but from believing that you can do it.

• The “chains of the Constitution” can be put back on the federal government.

• The Supreme Court can be compelled to abide the constitution; its rulings need not be final and the injuries already prosecuted against our freedoms can be reversed.

• The Republic as handed down by our Founders can be restored, the rule of law reinstated and the insanity stopped.

And the best part is we don’t need some grandiose political savior to ride in on a white horse, nor a high Court that finally comes to its senses, a convention of states or a third political party to make it happen.

All we need is each other. The success of the simple stratagem revealed in this booklet requires nothing more than the firm resolve of the American people.

They (the people) are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.

– Thomas Jefferson
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