General Washington Interview

The Interview

Ever wonder what the Father of our Country thinks about today’s America?
This is your opportunity to find out!

For the past 25 years, the Reverend Norma Victor, her husband Bob and a small group of dedicated seekers have been meeting weekly for “circle” at the Victors’ home in northern New Jersey.
Norma is an ordained minister at the Institute for Spiritual Development located in Sparta, New Jersey.
She is also a “trance channel,” meaning she has the ability to serve as a vessel through which spirit can communicate with those in the physical realm.
On the evening of September, 2, 2014, those gathered were honored to speak with General Washington.
The audio of our 25 minute conversation follows.
To those who are skeptical of such encounters on scientific grounds or oppose them due to their religious convictions, we would only ask that they dwell on the spirit of what was said and put aside the fact that it was said by a spirit.
Frankly, for obvious reasons we’re hesitant to include this audio. But in the end we decided to put it out there and let the listener come to his or her own conclusions.
Whatever one thinks about the circumstances of the interview, one thing we feel is certain: all will find it quite interesting.

George Washington Interview & Conversation
By Reverend Norma Victor – Trance Channel
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